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How to Join?


Joining QUIVER may be easy for some, but daunting for others. These guidelines should help make it easier for all to join.


Starting A QUIVER


Guidelines for people who want to start a QUIVER prayer group.


  • Prayerfully consider starting a QUIVER group.
  • Start praying on your own for revival in the church and also for the nation using the QUIVER aims and objectives as reference.
  • Pray and ask God to lead you to other women (or men and youth) who are interested in praying for the UK. (Luke 11:9)
  • Decide on the most convenient day of the week and time for the group to meet of prayer.
  • Also decide on how frequently the group would meet. It may be weekly or fortnightly (every two weeks). Monthly meetings may not very effective, as the gap is too long.
  • Determine an ideal place for the group to meet for prayer. It may be in your home, a mutually agreed venue, or group members may take turns in hosting a meeting.         Bear in mind that you may have to change these details when others join the group.
  • Approach any one you feel might be interested and invite them to meet with you for prayer. You may also contact QUIVER by email or telephone to ask if anyone has registered an interest in joining a group
  • Contact QUIVER to request more copies of the Starter Pack, for support, to register your group and/or include your group on the QUIVER database (if desired).
  • Start meeting and praying


Please Note:


You may start a QUIVER group with any number of people, but the target number is five. If your group grows larger than five, please prayerfully consider splitting it up to form two or more groups, which could then go on to recruit more prayer partners. This is one of the ways in which QUIVER will grow and expand, and we will have more people praying.


Joining A QUIVER


Guidelines for people who do not want to start a QUIVER prayer group, but would like to join one.


  • If you know of a QUIVER group, ask the group leader if you can join.
  • If you do not know of a group, please call QUIVER and we will search and link you up with the nearest available group, or other who want to pray.
  • Whilst looking for a group, you may start praying on your own for the church and revival in the UK, using the QUIVER brochure as reference.
  • You may also consider starting a group.